Preparing for a reading

Please make sure you connect through the "Line" app or "Instagram" and text me to set up your video chat session.


Please don't text that you just have one question you need answered.  You are not the only one that does this.  Due to a high volume of text messages and phone calls, all inquiries will be answered through email. 

To prepare for a session, write a list of questions for

that day by order of importance. 


Please understand that you are taking a risk if you are solely relying on psychic readings as guidance. Relying on psychic phenomena is not 100% accurate and in most cases for entertainment purposes.  Thus, please do not blame the reading for your subsequent life choices, and do not ask questions that may be high risk to the life of you or others.  If in doubt, don't ask about.


My intention in these readings is to guide you through a moment of spiritual growth.  The best questions would be along the lines of " What is blocking me spiritually from attaining my goal?" or "What can I do to understand a situation better?"

Instead of needing to rely on the psychic reader to explicitly lay out the best course of action in your situation, the power won't be taken away from you. You will grow and learn to deal with conflict better and feel empowered by recognizing your obstacles and receiving guidance to overcome them on your own terms.


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