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M  psychic Readings !

     Psychic readings can help people in many situations. Some may be facing a life altering decision and need guidance or assurance to make the best choice. Some may be concerned about their career or a loved one. Sometimes it's that one thing that's been keeping them up at night. One may even be facing an ultimatum and can't seem to find a resolution to their predicament.  Whatever the reason, psychic readings can offer healing, closure, and a nudge in the right direction.

M Psychic Reading Session:

$60 for 30 minutes

Special Events: $290 for 2 hours (Graduations, Business Events, Birthday Parties, etc.)

*It is recommended that you have a list of questions prepared prior to your appointment to get the most out of your session. Present your question carefully as the way you ask the question will determine the quality of your response.

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